Tuesday, 10 March 2015

7DRL 2015 Challenge - End of Day 1

The first day went about as well as I expected. Numerous coding issues, minor problems that broke everything else, and so on. At least I didn't have compiler problems, which used to be a recurring issue every time I started a new project.

Fortunately, the first day ended with the basic functionality complete. A randomly generated level is drawn, multiple levels are stored, the player can move around on the screen, supporting and messaging information is displayed, and players can easily get into and out of the game.

For day 2 I plan on accomplishing: basic combat, enemies, and entering / exiting dungeons. The enemy AI won't be particularly impressive at this point, but it can be improved later. The dungeon generation is also rudimentary, but that is also acceptable for now. If all goes well today, there'll be some fancy screenshots ready for day 3.

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